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Expanding my Sumikko Gurashi family★
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We carry the cute creations of San-X. I love today’s new Sumikko Gurashi plush sofa for your phone. CLICK TO SEE: http://jbox.com/category/131 (PG products only) or http://jlist.com/category/131 (incl. NSFW) 
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It got better…. or worse…. yep. Still need the rest of the lying down palm-tops, though.
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Sumikko Gurashi Drawstring pouch

Free international shipping
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SWEET HEAVENS I can now sleep easy. Finding the Water Monster and the Tapioca was mind blowing. Except for eBay (which has both for $20 each, sans shipping) I could not find them nearly ANYwhere. Closest thing was a JP site selling a set of the four main guys plus the Water Monster only. I finally found an auction for the complete set!! And since the cost is less than buying just the two on eBay I am even happier. At least I can either keep or gift the four extras (since I have them already) as opposed to crying over spending $40 on just two tiny plush. I was planning on waiting for the local shop I go to to POSSIBLY get a re-stock, but it’s been a few weeks so I’m less certain. 
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